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Five Exciting Motorcycle Occasions In Nigeria

Motorcycle enthusiasts or bikers around the world idolize motorcycle occasions to satisfy fellow bikers. All they might require is always to demonstrate their rides have fun using the event. Sometimes they gang up for charitable organization and social causes too. Continue studying to uncover probably most likely probably the most exciting bike occasions in Nigeria. […]

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Learn how to Cruise The Car Within The Race Tracks

Vehicle racing- this is often completely an crazy sport, meant for individuals who love speed, who love the odor of burning tyres, the vrooming cars, the tracks and what gets the rate. The children and youth are actually crazy about the rate cars and they also love racing within the fast tracks. Driving cars could […]

Motor Sports

Chinese Rally Champion cDied of Cerebral Edema

Liu Caodong (born 1985, Chongqing), broadly considered because the “Rally Kid”, the racer of Bailing Racing Team (Guizhou), two China Rally Champion (CRC) titles, was among the finest Chinese rally motorists. At 3:00 a.m. on June eighth, 2011, after 18 occasions of emergency treatment, the motor-racing star faded away for almost any sudden cerebral edema […]