Boxing Gloves – You Must Pay Attention to This When Buying

Boxing is an interesting sport that trains both strength and endurance. This not only stresses the arms, shoulders, and chest, but also the entire body, which must undertake compensatory work. An important part of boxing are the boxing gloves, which are intended to protect both athletes in competition. They are also important when training, as their weight has a direct influence on the development of speed strength and endurance. Before you buy your boxing gloves, you should think about what you want to wear your new hand protection for. After all, simple gloves for light punching bag training or heavy weight training gloves are not the same as a pair of boxing gloves for competition.

Boxing gloves what size should I buy?

There are two important pieces of information about boxing gloves:

  • the size (XS-XXL)
  • the ounce number (oz)

You can find out more about the count in the next section. As with normal gloves, the actual boxing gloves sizes of the gloves is given in sizes XS-XXL. The best thing to do is to try out which size fits you best.

Another point that is particularly important for women when choosing the right boxing glove is the shape of the cut. For many women, men’s boxing gloves are too far. Below we describe what women should look out for when buying boxing gloves.

Boxing gloves – what does the “oz” indication mean?

One of the most important pieces of information about boxing gloves is their “oz” specification. This represents the weight of the gloves in ounces. The volume doesn’t change too much in many models with different ounces. The information is therefore not only decisive for the weight, but also for the density of the materials used. The “oz” specification defines how dense and resilient a glove is. The higher this value, the stronger your own hands and your opponent will be protected from the blows. It therefore seems logical that training gloves have a higher “oz” value than competition gloves. On the one hand, this protects your training partner, and on the other hand, the greater weight puts more stress on your arms, and you can train better and more intensively.

Boxing gloves 10 oz

Boxing gloves 10 oz are the most important gloves in Europe. These boxing gloves are used for competitions and are therefore the choice which boxers should be able to master best. Of course, if you only box for fun and occasionally do a little sparring with friends and training partners, you can also opt for heavier models to be on the safe side.

Boxing gloves 12 oz

12 oz boxing gloves are slightly softer and heavier than competition gloves. They are therefore a good choice for training and suitable for sparring. Here they are not too hard but allow noticeable hits that toughen up for competitions. They are a great choice if you want to get used to real hits.

Boxing gloves 14 oz

The 14 oz boxing gloves are even softer and more cushioning than the 12 oz boxing gloves. These are primarily intended for training and, due to their higher weight, place greater strain on the arm muscles. They have been developed for intensive training and reliably protect your hand bones. Of course, you can also wear 14 oz boxing gloves for sparring.

Boxing gloves 16 oz

The 16 oz boxing gloves are the ideal choice to train your strength endurance. The heavy gloves strain your arms and ensure that you can permanently increase your striking speed while wearing them. You will particularly notice this difference when you wear lighter boxing gloves again at a later point in time. These gloves are the safest choice for sparring because they are the strongest at weakening blows.