Tips for Golf Tournament Success

Whether you hope to raise money or awareness of your company, golf tournaments require careful planning. Not only will you be responsible for planning the golf tournament, but you may also need to secure golf tournament raffle prizes or auction items.


Your tournament team should include individuals with event-planning experience. It may also include individuals who have experience working with local businesses to procure free or low-cost prizes. These individuals should know about local golf courses and have some experience with golf gear so they understand the types of prizes that will excite the players.


Identify the specific goal of the tournament. For example, is its primary goal to attract new customers or raise money for a charitable cause? Its purpose can be multifaceted, but it should be identified. Your budget should also be clearly outlined. Finally, consider setting specific goals, such as the amount of money you hope to raise or number of new customers you hope to convert.


Determine the date, location and theme of the event. You want your event far enough in the future for the participants to plan ahead, but not in competition with other local events. In addition, choose a day that typically has good weather.

The course or club should be contacted early. A reputable course may also be a good asset during event preparation as the employees may have significant experience with these types of events. Golf-related amenities, such as a snack bar, should be available. Also, consider a club with a restaurant or event space for your tournament awards ceremony.

You will also need to determine the types of events you will include in your tournament. For example, is it a winner-take-all event, or will you provide prizes for other achievements, such as most shots? Will you offer additional competitions, such as shootouts or long-drive contests? Also, will you encourage the participation of non-golfers with raffles or auctions?


Your tournament sponsors may donate prizes or sponsor any number of competitions, such as hole-in-one or putting. They may also provide items or services for auctions and raffles. Sponsors are typically prominently featured throughout the event. Local businesses are typically great sponsors.


After you have secured your prizes, you should develop a marketing plan, including your invitation list. Provide regular updates through email or the participants preferred communication. These communications should also include any prizes, contests or other event opportunities that may encourage participation.

Golf tournaments are great ways to raise money, market your business or provide an opportunity for employees to get to know each other and the company. Careful planning will ensure your success.