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3 Quick Fixes To Improve Your Curb Appeal in California

Curb appeal is important for the value of your home as well as the aesthetic of the community. Putting a little care into your front lawn doesn’t take much time or cost much money if you know what areas hold the most impact.

Lawn Care

The first thing people will notice is your lawn, especially if it’s brown or patchy. The quickest and easiest way to get a green and lustrous front yard is to turn to sod options. If you simply have green grass installed, you don’t have to wait for it to grow. To go a step further, you can also look into places that install artificial grass thousand oaks. That way it will be green forever regardless of the time of year or drought conditions.

Pop of Color

Once you have your lawn cleaned up, you’ll want something to draw the eye of all passers-by. This is most easily accomplished with a cleverly placed splash of color. There are many ways to go about this- you can add some brightly colored flowers to your landscaping or you can paint your front door something vibrant, like red or yellow. You could do the same with your shutters if you have them.

Defined Pathway

The entry to your house is always made more appealing by a clearly defined walking path from the street or driveway. You don’t need to hire a contractor to pour concrete, all you need are some paving stones or gravel to create one for yourself. Once you dig out space for the stones, you can lay down large pavers in any configuration you like. For a little something extra, pour gravel first then lay pavers on top of it.

Forget taking on a full renovation or paying an expensive landscaping company- a few well-placed upgrades can have the outside of your house looking fantastic. Many of these projects can be tackled in a weekend, as well. Take home improvement into your own hands.