5 Ways Coronavirus Has Changed How We Think about Baseball

The coronavirus has changed the way the player sits on a table, celebrate after the success. They cannot appreciate their teammates in the way they were doing before the pandemic. The baseball player was significantly affected by it. The players were taking dinner after the win and spending the whole night with each other in their dirt-stained uniforms. Although the teams are finding some intelligent and creative ways to celebrate safely with a balance, you cannot ignore its effects. Furthermore, coronavirus has changed our thinking about baseball.

Baseball is one of the essential games for Americans. The huge fan following gathers many people in the stadium, People are crazy for even baseball bats for USSSA leagues. But now it is not the same. The people are ready to sacrifice their enjoyment for the sake of their lives.

Baseball bat release were delayed, even slowpitch and fastpitch softball bats release were delayed. This article will tell you about five ways coronavirus changes our thinking. Let’s get started.

5 Ways Coronavirus Has Changed How We Think about Baseball

Coronavirus forces people to change their thinking about baseball due to its following effects.

Extra Inning Runner on Second Base Automatically

The people have loved baseball because it has no clock; it can go long. It was a source of an unlimited enjoyment, and for the results, the innings can continue for multiple hours more than any other game. Due to the pandemic, the teams have to start every extra inning with a runner in second base. It is all for making the game as short as possible. This rule is in baseball rules in 2021. The right to be on baseball is a fundamental unit of the game that disappointed the fans, that is why they do not like this change, but as it is for their survival, they have to compromise on it and change their thinking.

Seven-Inning Doubleheaders

The doubleheader baseball matches were limited to seven innings for decreasing the timespan. It is for the players who are trying to squash in a season during coVID-19. So the players have to avoid doubleheaders as much as possible. It is not harmful to have 14 innings in one day that are enough for the whole day’s enjoyment, so the extra two innings might not worth it in this regard. So the people have made their minds about seven innings, and it is the least controversial change in baseball.

Universal DH

This rule that comes due to coronavirus might be the most debated one in the fans and professionals for years because it is a long-term rule. The hitters have been in American League for 50 years, and the pitchers have always taken their at-bats in National League. But this rule has changed the previous government and stated that the pitcher should keep away from getting high stretching in the spooky season with the arrival of universal DH. The rule also changes the thinking of the people in the American League and National League.

Expanded Playoffs

The postseason expands to 16 teams in 2021, but it might return to its normal position due to universal DH.  So if the change will permanent then, it will change the value of the regular baseball seasons in the eyes of the fans. But the postseason games mean the revenue will increase, so it has forced the people to change their thinking regarding baseball.

Survival Requires Sacrifice

The people were very excited about baseball, but now they know that their lives are essential to their freedom or enjoyment. So they accepted the truth that if they want survival, they should have to sacrifice their favorite things that make them feel pleasure.