A Beginners Guide To Dart Betting Online

Already a popular sport, dart has become even more so now with betting making it interesting as well as adventurous. Dart tournaments have always been a favourite with people passionate about the sport and with the introduction of online betting, it has developed an incredible fan base online. Just like shooting, dart too is a precision sport wherein it becomes very difficult to predict of a dart will hit bulls eye. This is probably why betting on darts is a very lucrative proposition for online websites like

Dart tournaments

Dart tournaments are held almost all the year round and hence betting too never stops. Some of the tournaments which are very popular are the:

  • World dart championships,
  • UK Opens,
  • World Matchplay and World Grand Prix,
  • Darts Grand Slam,
  • Players Championship finals and
  • The European championships.

There are other championships that keep occurring in between thereby making darts popular not only in the US, UK and Canada where it has been played for centuries but also in countries like Germany, Holland, Austria and Belgium.

Consequently with the internet enhancing global connectivity, today people passionate about this sport can bet at any of the championships which take place in these countries and win big with planned strategies and research.

Live streaming of darts

This is another aspect which has contributed heavily to the popularity of this game. This has also given rise to live betting for an ongoing dart championship. Hence anyone who places a bet at the online dart betting websites, also get a chance to live stream a current game of darts. This makes it easier for punters to bet on the various options available and also get to see the outcome of those options.

But care must be taken when betting in-running for all live streams typically have a lag time of 5seconds at least. Thus cross-checking with the website constantly increases the chances of winning in live betting.