Activities considered to be perfect for cross training in Pole dance

There are many people who have realized that joining pole dance classes at the reputed institutes is a wonderful hobby and also a great way to improve body fitness. What if the desire is to supplement dancing with probably another potential interest? The fact is that there are present several activities that can be engaged in which can work with this dance form, but with each one having different emphasis. This again depends upon type of pole dancing aspects for exercise that you like to enjoy.

Cross training pole dance activities based upon special needs and interests

  • Strip Tease, Chair Dance, Lap Dance: If you are bold and prefer the thrill of being sexy, then you need to check out striptease, chair dance or lap dance classes. Chair dance classes are stated to be intense workout sessions and allow you to relapse your inner passion.
  • Belly dancing: In case, you are interested in being sensual, feminine and soft, then belly dancing is the best thing to learn. This dance celebrates the female body and the hips can be moved in several ways on dance floor and does not require using the pole. Institutions offering private pole classes also offer belling dancing classes.
  • Aerial Sports: If you are daring and adventurous at heart, then there are several combo spins, holds and climbs which can you perform at the pole. You can try out any aerial art form such as tissue or aerial hoop dance and gymnastics. This is real fun and does require good amount of coordination and strength.
  • Pilates or yoga: In case, you desire an amazing and flexible body strength, then pilates or yoga class will a great choice. They can be wonderful addition to your repertoire, since your body with regular practice is likely to become more limber, toned and strong.
  • Modern or Ballet dance: Dancing aspect which combines beauty and flexibility, old dance standby such as the ballet or perhaps the modern dance will not be a wrong choice. You get to learn pole dancing with modern or ballet dance and know about proper dance form, coordination and grace. Added practice regularly will only help develop beauty, creativity and flow to pole routines, something you had never learnt before. By practicing various dance forms, you can actually add emotion and dept to pole dancing. It also enhances your musicality.

Overall, pole dancing is stated to be a wonderful activity to improve overall fitness level, including your sexiness and femininity.