Avail discounted rates online on Cricket Bats

Cricket is a sport played between 2 teams. Each consists of eleven players, usually in a significant ground having a stadium for people to sit and watch the game. The gear used for playing the game includes bats, balls, gloves, pads, wickets, shoes, clothes and other equipment. 

Cricket bats are usually made of wood and used by a player (referred to as batsman) to strike the ball when it is hurled at by another player (referred to as bowler). Cricket bats are made of a particular type of wood called willow, famous English willow and Kashmir willow. 

The bats come in different sizes, weights and other parameters depending on the professionals’ requirements using the same. For example, some players may prefer a heavier bat or one with a longer handle. It would ultimately depend on the comfort of the specific player. Players often use different types of bats hanging on the version and situation of the game. Many manufacturers and brands put up cricket bats for sale in both showrooms and online. Big stars of the game who use a specific brand, automatically endorse it too. 

One of the essential gears associated with most indoor and outdoor sports are the shoes. Common sports that require specifically designed shoes include soccer, running, cricket, tennis, badminton, rugby, hockey and basketball. Every sport has shoes specifically designed based on the needs of the game and ultimate wearing comfort.

 Much research goes into the manufacture of shoes for each sport depending on the surface sport is played in, feet movement of players while playing the sport, level of endurance needed, type of material to be used and many more. Factors like comfort, softness, cushion, grip, proper design to prevent injury and provide protection, assistance in performance, strength, designs, colours, and shapes are all essential in every sports shoe. 

Sports shoes are a vital component of the gear for any sportsperson, requiring a lot of attention to model and usage. Top professional sportspersons are hence tied up with big brands for their requirements.