Being a Freelance Gamer on YouTube

Being a freelancer is becoming more and more common these days. People today would rather work online and do several different jobs at a time. Gamers have lots of methods they could do to earn money. One is going to Gank and setting up an account where people hire you to play with them. You could be their carry, their coach, or maybe just a companion. But one of the best ways for freelance gamers to earn money is by becoming content creators on YouTube.

Almost everyone who has access to the internet knows what YouTube is and has used it. You could post almost anything on it as long as it follows the terms and conditions. One of the biggest genres of videos you could make on YouTube right now is gaming. There’s so many benefits when chasing this career.

You’re Your Own Boss

Being a freelance gamer on YouTube gives you the opportunity to do whatever you want on your channel. You could upload any type of content you want. You could record your gameplays of a new game while also providing commentary. You could share your thoughts after you finish the game to let people know what you think about it.

If you’re more on long running let’s plays, you could play games that are seemingly endless and provide so many features. A game you could do a let’s play on for example is Minecraft. There’s a lot to do in a Survival game of Minecraft. Your viewers could follow you in your journey to killing the Ender Dragon, or even the rise of an empire you’re building. It’s not just Minecraft where you could have long let’s plays. There are tons of sandbox games out there in different stores. Stardew Valley, Dragon Quest Builders 2, Animal Crossing, just to name a few.

You could also upload anytime you want. You could upload daily, weekly, or even monthly. Of course, the frequency of your uploads will reflect on the number of views you’ll get. Sometimes if you take way too much time uploading your videos, your views and subscriber count might take a fall. If you make sure your content is worth the wait every time, then you’re golden.

You Could Receive Sponsors

Once your channel becomes big, there’s a good chance that sponsors will come to you. They’d ask you to promote their product on your videos and in exchange, they will pay you. These products range from tumblers, consumables, and even games as well. This is one of the ways YouTubers earn money aside from monetization of their videos. Just make sure you don’t accidentally promote their competition as well.

You Could Also Stream on YouTube

If you’re not that into the whole recording, editing, and uploading stuff, you could also stream on YouTube. There’s a lot of benefits to streaming as well. There’s less hassle as you don’t have to worry about editing your videos. Plus, you get to interact with your viewers while you play. They could sometimes give you tips and let you into the secrets of the game you’re streaming. However, streaming also means that anything that happens will be shown on the internet and there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to delete any undesirable moments. Just be careful not to accidentally flash anything too personal like your credit card.

Great Way to Promote Your Gank Account

YouTube also serves as the perfect place to show off your Gank account and let people know why they should hire you. You could showcase your amazing skills or even let people see how fun you are to play with. Record your gameplays with your clients and ask permission from them if it’s okay to upload on YouTube.