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The World Cup is indeed this universal assembly (all the humanity concentrated around the chalice, this cup Jules Rimet that the victors, such as the priest during the office, raise proudly to the sky on the day of their victory),but, none spiritual or intellectual message does not emerge, no hope for humanity, no promise for the human condition, do not come out of this ceremony, we celebrate only the cult of brands, money crazy, and the law of the strongest. With NBA중계 you can have the smartest solutions available.

The Ideals of Catholicism and the Idea of Sports There

Sport is the mercantile and empty parody, pitiful and derisory, made of toc and tricks, of the Catholic ideal, the meeting in a universal Church, the communion around a chalice, the liturgy around characters hoisted to the sacredness priests. The sportsmen are a priestly caste, the liturgy in toc of sports events suggests it, but it is a sacerdotal caste at a discount, which has nothing to transmit. The World Cup expresses the frightening catholicity of the merchandise; sport being the Catholicism of emptiness.

  • Sport is the spiritual power of our time, the one who, thanks to events mediatized to excess, spreads without restraint the imperatives (competitiveness, performance, cult of money, brand fanaticism, consumption) specific to market globalization. Insidiously, he dictates to everyone how he should behave, how he should be. Ubiquitous, the sporting speech engages a social and political content,the World Cup is above all a disproportionate propaganda for ultra-liberalism. The fanaticism of brands, advertising logos and money is proof of this. Sport builds day after day a totalitarianism of a new type, from which no one can escape: without a State, without politics, a mercenary and consumerist totalitarianism.

A paradox: if the craze for electronic sport, which is confronted by professional players in video games, continues to grow, with an audience comparable today to that of the NFL, his economic model gropes and still seeks the levers to generate more money.

How to transform the essay financially? The equation is complex. While the popularity of electronic sport, which begins to knock on the door of the Olympic Games, is undeniable with an estimated audience of 280 million fans, the discipline still generates little revenue.

  • “This year eSports is expected to earn just over € 850 million (more than C $ 1.25 billion), and studies show that in 2021 there will be a turnover of order of 3 billion euros (about 4.45 billion Canadian dollars), but in a global video game market that will exceed him the 65 billion euros (nearly 96 billion Canadian dollars), “says Laurent Michaud, director of studies for Idate think tank.

Evidence of this low monetization, an electronic sports fan pays an average of just over 3 euros (about 4.45 Canadian dollars) per year, according to a study conducted this year by the consulting firm Nielsen Sports. A sport like soccer can generate ten times more.

“Complex hearing”

  • In question, an economic model that has not yet reached maturity and a public difficult to access through traditional distribution channels. Accustomed to free broadcasts on YouTube or Twitch platforms, eSports fans do not necessarily have the TV reflex, while traditional media, who have discovered late e-sports, are moving slowly.