Changing Tires And Tension Belts Of Electric Skateboard – What To Know

Electric skateboards are the new trend in the world of skating. These skateboards offer the opportunity for skating enthusiasts to enjoy their passion in almost all kinds of terrains and not just on sealed or restricted surfaces. You can enjoy skating on your electric skateboards on all kinds of terrain such as dirt tracks, gravel, grass, BMX tracks, berms, bumps, and mounds, and so on. 

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Maintenance of the Skateboard 

Here are some of the tips for you to maintain your skateboard in its best condition. 

  • Tire Maintenance and Changing 

With the help of a 1/8th Allen Key, remove the bolts that you will find installed onto the wheels to keep them attached to the board. You will find two halves of the tires after you are done. 

Remove the tube completely from the tire and install it into a new tire. Reinstall the tires in such a way that the valve should perfectly align with the available space in the shape of a half-moon. 

  • Tension Belt Maintenance 

Place the skateboard on its side and remove the tires with the help of 1/8th Allen key. Now remove all the belts that are covering the tires with the help of the same Allen key. 

Continue the procedure of the removal of bolts with the help of Allen key until you can easily move the motor up and down. The movement of the motor should be easier on the motor plate and should not feel like it’s sliding or getting stuck. 

Now reinstall the wheel, belt, and drive gear. Gently pull the motor towards the rear end of the board till you feel like the tension is not too high or loose. You can then adjust the wheel according to the terrain that you love to use for skating. The different kinds of terrain require a different set of tightening of the wheels. 

Once you are all done, it is suggested to take your board for a spin to make sure that you can skate on the board without any problem. If you feel like you are not getting the same level of comfort while skating, then you should readjust the tension of the belts to get the same level of comfort for sliding on the skateboard as before.

Purchasing a skateboard that can be handled with the help of a remote will cost you from $20,000 to $80,000 according to the make and model. Hence, make sure that you follow every step with care to make sure that you do not make any mistakes during the maintenance. 

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