Click Here To Know How To Clean Baseball Pants

Have your baseball pants got stained? Wondering how you can clean them easily? Well, you have come to the right place. When you are out on the field, your baseball or softball pants will get dirty in one way or another and you can’t do anything about it.

So it is better to know how to clean baseball pants as it will help you to keep them in proper condition and clean off the stains easily. There are many ways you can clean your baseball pants and each of the ways are highly effective.

So without further ado let’s check out how to clean baseball pants with the best methods;

Using Out White Brite

If you want to clean all the hard stains, then Out White Brite which is designed for garments like baseball garments. It is a laundry whitening product that can easily remove hard stains with proper cleaning. To clean the pant, first you will have to fill a bucket and then pour half cup of Out White Brite in it.

Then put your dirty baseball pants in it and allow it to soak for a minimum of 20 minutes. You can soak it for more than twenty minutes if you feel the stains are hard to remove. Once it is soaked, rinse the pants with normal water and then wash it with normal detergent to have stain free pants.

Using OxiClean White Revive

OxiClean White Revive can be a potential answer to your query of how to clean baseball pants because many baseball players use them. It might take some time to clean your pants with this cleaning agent but you will definitely get a satisfying result.

You need to first pou one scoop of the cleaning agent into a bucket of water and mix it properly. Take your dirty pants and put them in the solution to make them soak for at least six hours. Then take them out and put them in the washing machine for final cleaning.

Using Bleach

A potential way to remove hard stains and have squeaky clean baseball pants is to use bleach. It is a time-tested method that many people have been using for decades. The process of using it is pretty straightforward and you just have to mix one scoop of bleach in a bucket full of warm water.

Then pour all the dirty pants and make them soak for hours. The bleach will loosen all the stains and you will just have to rinse with clean water to remove them.

Using Degreaser

Many baseball players love using degreaser to get stains out of their pants especially that are made of grass blades and stands.

You will find a lot of degreaser in the market and you can use any of them that is popular among baseball players. You just have to spray it over the stain and then rub it with your finger to remove the stain. Then simple cleaning will do the trick.


All the methods which have mentioned will help you to know how to clean baseball pants easily. All methods are widely tested and it won’t do any harm to your pants or health. Some of the methods are time consuming while others can do it within a few minutes.