Evolution Of Cricket And Drastic Change In Watching Pattern

Modern Day cricket expects cricketers to play the game contrastingly. With the coming of T20 matches, things have changed radically. The game has seen changes in the manner in which players approach the game these days. Skippers have gotten more forceful and strategic in their methodology. Bowlers are dismantled usually, but their franticness has led to advancements.

Cricket has been played all over the world. It may be T20, Test, or one-day matches. As it is still the most popular and most watched sport in the world. The craze for cricket still gets greater compared to previous years. The most-watched match of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019 internationally was India against Pakistan with 273 million interesting watchers tuning into straight TV. With over another 50 million was live cricket on digital platforms. Isn’t it an insane number?

The numbers for watching cricket are increasing rapidly as there are many viewers to watch this sport even during work hours. Especially in India cricket is considered a religion and players are also viewed as demi-god. Whenever India is playing an ODI, T20, or even an ODI you will see the obsession of cricket around you. Let me give you an example

  1. Whenever you are travelling out (The way we used to travel before) and there is a match between India and any other country you’ll see many people discussing the team selection, a players’ form, and many more. Especially in India, everyone has a verdict on cricket because it is loved by everyone.
  2. If you were travelling on a train like Mumbai local you’ll see many people watching it on live cricket streaming apps or they will stand outside the TV showroom so that they shouldn’t miss a glimpse of cricket. You will even see people watching cricket on the street.

People love cricket so much that they keep their work aside to watch Sachin Tendulkar play. The biggest rivalry in the cricket world is India vs Pakistan followed by England vs Australia. These are the matches people won’t like to miss despite being busy. Moreover, it’s exciting to see the foes play friendly matches, bearing in mind the cricket enthusiasm around the world.

So if you are wondering if you even want to watch cricket as you have no clue. You can search for a cricket streaming app free and watch cricket as well as enjoy it with others.

As cricket kept on evolving over the years as it got more rapid and full of entertainment. The pattern of watching cricket also evolved a lot from watching cricket on television to watching it on a mobile screen. Before you could only watch cricket in a particular place but now you can also watch cricket while you shower. Watching cricket has evolved as cricket has evolved over the years.