Great Exercises to Practice On Hockey Shooting Tiles

Hockey Tiles | The Tile Home Guide

If you want to take your hockey skills to the next level, you’ve probably already looked into ways to practice at home. A great way to do so is through the use of hockey shooting tiles, which allow you to practice passing and shots. The tiles are designed so that the puck glides across the surface just like being on ice. This is extraordinarily convenient for many players, but what kind of exercises can you practice on them?

Shooting Tiles

First of all, in order to get the most out of your dryland shooting tiles, or slick tiles, it is important to know how they work. The tiles come in boxes of 20 and are 12” x 12” each or one square foot.   This means that 1 box equals 20 square feet. The more boxes you purchase, the more area you have to work with. They are tiles with locking sides that allow them to be securely, and tightly held together in order to not allow any bumps in the slick area.

Passing Exercise

Like we mentioned above, the slick tiles are designed to keep things smooth and allow the puck to act as if it were on ice. With the help of your Passmaster, set yourself up on the surface that you created with your shooting tiles where your pucks are within reach of your stick. Aim your pucks at the Passmaster and try to get them to bounce straight back at you. If you have a goal set up, or even better a hockey shooting tarp, aim your pucks at the Passmaster at an angle and bounce them into the goal to make shots.

Shooting Exercise

Make sure you have enough pucks within reach to practice your shots unless you like the extra exercise of having to retrieve each puck that you shoot. Take note of your target and get your body into position. Aim carefully and use your style to hit your target every time. If you miss the target, keep shooting for it until you get it. Shooting tiles are designed to be tough and ready to handle the heartiest of practice sessions. A word of caution, though; the more you practice, the better you become so get ready to be in high demand if you continue to strengthen your skills.

If you’re looking for affordable hockey shooting tiles, your best bet is going to be Sniper’s Edge Hockey. Their shooting tiles are affordable, easy to use, and allow you to improve your skill from the comfort of your own home.