Gym wear trends to follow in 2019 

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Are you planning to hit the gym with a loose t-shirt and wide-legged workout pants? Nah! You are not the way you are hitting the gym. Let you be the fashionista you are! If you can be fashionable in the outer world then why not the gym? Don’t keep the fashionista hidden inside. In fact, let her be too loud in the gym also. We are not asking you to make too glossy, but we want you to be a simpler one but still, fashionable one. 

Workout session at the gym is the only place where the silhouette is going to be showcased, so you need to be comfortable as well as presentable. Let us just begin the latest trends in 2019. First of all, let us know about the colours and styles of shirts which you can wear. 

Shades of neon hues, green, blue, black, grey and pink are the features colours of 2019. The shiny textures, branding, slogans, graphics and abstract prints are also in the 2019 hits. A fresh, unique and sexy look is something we need along with achieving good health. In this article, you will get to know about the different looks that you can have in 2019. 

The neutral look: 

The navy or grey sweatpants along with a grey or navy coloured sports bra top can be paired. You can also pair it with the pastel blue sneakers. It is the simple and most a stylish look that you can flaunt in your gym during a workout session. 

The simple classic gym look: 

Grey stretchy jeggings can be paired with the white workout shirt [เสื้อออกกำลังกาย, which are the term in Thai] and you can wear it with any pair of beautiful sneakers. You also do not need to buy special shoes. You can have it but it should be matching with the shirt and jeggings. It helps you to be safe from unexpected spring rains and from the heavy winds as well. 

The happy prints: 

Women’s sports bra top can be paired with the abstract print leggings are the best and happiest gym fashion till now. In order to complete the look, you can add red runners and white hoodie to give a fresh and cool touch to your looks.