How to choose the best company for bike hire Mallorca? Tips you should follow

Are you looking forward to cycling holidays and require a bit of support? Are you just sifting through various bike hire companies and are confused which one to choose? If you feel overwhelmed at this point, just go through this section. If it is your first cycling tour abroad, then it is more important to choose a reliable bike hire company to rent a bike. Professionals at the bike hire company will let you choose the most suitable bike for your cycling holiday. Hence, finding the best bike hire company is mandatory.

What is your budget and where you wish to go?

As the cycling companies do cover various parts of the globe, you must first decide where you wish to travel. Do you want to climb the Alps and enjoy the stunning mountain views or wish to spend a relaxing time on the beaches of Spain, featuring a sunny climate? So, decide on the cycling destination and also check out the website for bike hire Calpe of BERGANTI BIKES to find the best cycling destinations.

The type of cycling holiday

Not all the bike holidays suit everyone. Some cyclists prefer cycling sportive events while others like relaxed biking tours coupled with sightseeing activities. You need to decide how long you are to saddle in Calpe and how long you are to enjoy sightseeing, the history and culture of the place. You must think about the distance you wish to cover and also consider your fitness level. If you are a beginner, the choice of the bike will be different from that of someone who is advanced. Discuss all these with the bike hire company.

The duration of the cycling tour

For how long you are going to ride the cycle? A guided cycle tour can last for 2 weeks or may be just a few days. A challenging bike tour can cover nearly 100 miles while some may cover just 40-50 kms a day. In this case, you should find the riding days from your tour operator. It can be that the tour company states a “six day” cycling holiday but the first initial days and the last few days may be spent in arrival and departure. It is great if you find the number of cycling hours from the company.

Check the reviews

When you check online for bike hire Mallorca, you will get a list of companies offering bikes on rent. At this point, it is important to read reviews on the bike hire companies. Go with a company which has the maximum positive reviews under its belt.

Go with the best!

The best bike hire company should be your choice. An experienced and reliable company will answer to all your questions whatsoever. Ask about the experience level of the company in the particular cycling destination you have chosen.

Who will be the guide?

To make your cycling tour successful, you need a professional, knowledgeable and a reliable tour guide. Ask about the tour guide and the languages he speaks. Make sure he is acquainted with the local language of the place where you are touring.

You must also know the road ride support you will get. Then, what kind of accommodation and food you may have. Discuss out the price of bike hire and make sure it is within your budget. With all these factors in your mind, you will certainly have the best ride of your life.