Is it Worth it To Earn Money Gaming

We all dream of getting paid for doing what we love instead of working 12 hours a day with a low salary while having to deal with insufferable co-workers. Gaming is a passion for many people including us here on GANK. Throughout the years, gaming has opened up so many opportunities for people who want to earn money gaming. Streaming, YouTubing, Cosplaying, Boosting, and so many more. With all that opportunities, is it really worth leaving your old job for? Or start off with?


If you choose to use gaming as your main way to earn some money, don’t expect it to be full of sunshine and rainbows only. You will hit a few roadblocks here and there. If you decide to go as a streamer or YouTuber, there will be times when you feel like you’ve reached a dead end. You’ll feel like you’ve run out of ideas for new videos. After all, you can’t just keep posting the same video of you completing Sekiro using only prosthetics over and over again. You need to always come up with fresh content. 

Aside from fresh content, you’re going to need to be consistent with your uploads. You can’t just upload one video, disappear for half a year, and then upload another without letting your audience know why you disappeared. You must have a consistent upload schedule so that you can keep your viewers watching on your channel.

It’s hard to have to achieve that perfect schedule however since you still need to work as well in order to support your channel. Unless you already have a large fan base or have lots of fans willing to donate to you, you will still need to work to buy all the equipment you need. If streaming and YouTubing isn’t your strong suit, you can go to GANK if you’re looking to earn money gaming.

However, you can’t just go to GANK and expect people to hire you right off the bat. You’re going to need to be patient and wait for someone to book you. You also need to be either a pro who can carry someone to glory, or someone who makes even the most stressful moments in the game fun and exciting. You can’t just go in feeling like a regular Joe, otherwise it would feel as if they teamed up with you because of the random match up and not because they hired you.


Of course, there are also benefits to this as well. First off, which is quite obvious, you get to earn money by doing what you enjoy the most. If you have a passion for gaming, it wouldn’t feel like you’re working. Before you know it, it’s going to feel like money is automatically coming to you.

Once you get past the schedule problem and have so much free time, you can definitely create more content. 

If you take enough time and upload consistently, your subscriber or follower count will grow in no time and you will no doubt have many fans supporting you. That feeling of many people admiring you and supporting you will indeed motivate you to make more content. Not to mention that satisfying feeling of being somewhat famous. 

If you go to GANK, you not only get to earn money gaming, you also get to meet new gamers and make friends with them. You also get to play with people who all have unique play styles which will help you learn to adapt to different situations. Not only do your clients benefit from this, you do as well.

Is It Worth It?

Depends on you on whether or not it’s worth it. If you have the time and money to start off your channel or your GANK career, then it’s definitely worth it. Gaming truly is one of the top ways today to earn money gaming as there’s so many ways to do it.