Madden NFL 21: February Title Update

Apart from pass coverage, the second gameplay aspect of the game that received changes is tackling and blocking. The update has fixed an issue that allowed players to use an exploit blitz with nickel corners in the contain assignment. New logic and movements have been introduced to the game to prevent players from using this exploit. Defenders will no longer get stuck in a breakdown fake-out under certain circumstances. An issue that caused unintended ‘Roughing the Passer’ penalties after the ball had been released has also been fixed.

The update as fixed a reach-sack animation issue that made it seem like the quarterback was tackled by an invisible defender. The developers have tuned the game to reduce the occurrence of broken tackles that happened when defenders were out of position. This tuning is more significant in the Competitive game style and is intended to result in less broken tackles from over/under-pursuit defender alignments.

The next gameplay aspect of the game that has been affected by the update is locomotion. First, steerability has been reduced during Truck animations. Additionally, the update has fixed several issues affecting players’ movement in the game. Ball carriers should no longer get stuck in the running assignment and run out of bounds. Defenders will no longer use the ‘Option Quarterback’ carry-style when switching ball hands after an INT. They will no longer hitch in the transition from pre-play to during-play movement in pass coverage. The update has finally fixed other issues with ball carriers movement.

Let’s talk about passing; the update has fixed an issue that caused the running back’s receiver icon to disappear after the handoff when running Gun Doubles Y Off RPO Zone Y Peek. Moreover, the QB will no longer throw an odd push pass when running Singleback Wing Pair HB Dive Alert Smoke. Finally, the QB’s arm should no longer get caught up on the running back when attempting to pass during the handoff when running Gun Wing Slot Offset PA Jailbreak Screen.

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Contributed by mezaoyabin.