NSW’s Most Recent Relaxing Of Restrictions – What Does This Mean For Active Group Activities?

A significant restriction on public gatherings has been scrapped as NSW moves towards the final stage of relaxing the coronavirus restrictions, expected to begin in July.

Community sports teams will be allowed to compete from July 1, which is great news for sports lovers. Other outdoor sports are restricted to no more than 10 people, but these rules will also be lifted soon.

Outdoor boot camps and leisure activities like fishing, golf, swimming, and bushwalking will also be back to business as normal shortly.

You may not be able to play all of your favourite games because of the safety issues. However, bubble soccer is one of the physical activities that is 100% COVID safe, and you can enjoy it in Sydney without any worries.

Let’s see why Bubble Soccer is safe to play during COVID-19.

Bubble soccer is the sport of playing soccer while being half-encased in a bubble, which covers the upper body of the player. When being encased in the ‘zorb’, the mouth and the nose of the player is covered. This ensures nothing is transmitted from the mouth and nose of one player to another.

Even if someone coughs or sneezes, the droplets are not being released into the open air. Apart from the droplets, the coronavirus also spreads via our hands. In other games like cricket or traditional soccer, the game equipment like a ball, bat, and other gear are touched by multiple players during the game.

This is not the case with bubble soccer; players cannot touch each other or any object when playing bubble soccer as their hands are also encased in the bubble made of sturdy PVC material.

The diameter of the bubble ranges from 1 to 2 meters. Even if the players do get too close to each other, there will be a minimum distance of one meter between them, which adheres to social distancing regulations.

Also, Bubble Soccer can be played with only 5 players on each team which means only 10 people on the field, as instructed by the Australian government.

Though Bubble Soccer is safe to play during COVID-19, the safety highly depends upon the hygiene factor. Not all bubble soccer organisers are safe, so before you hire one, you must make sure they are clean, and they disinfect their equipment before and after every use.

When it comes to bubble soccer in Sydney, Ultimate Bubble Soccer is a trusted name. They remain committed to complying with advice provided by the government for all physical activities.

They put the safety of the players above everything else, the bubbles are sanitised with a good-quality disinfectant before and after they are used. Players’ hands are also sanitised before the games start.

Bubble soccer itself is a safe game, and Ultimate Bubble Soccer makes it even safer with the necessary precautions. Get in touch with them for a super fun session of Bubble Soccer.