The Essence of Football for You


If none of the teams have a handicap, then a series is appointed after the match penalty. 11 meters separate the scorers and goalkeepers (goalkeeper) from each other and from victory. The complete silence of the stadium at one moment can be blown up by the most famous football chant (ole ole ole). At this moment, the coach can only hope for the professional qualities and composure of his wards. Of course, penalties are practiced in training, and before the game with a principled opponent (derby), this element is given special attention. With the NBA중계 relay broadcast you can have the smartest viewing experiences now.

Attack terminology

 Depending on the choice of the coach, the team may adhere to a different philosophy of attack and defense. A team that adheres to the tactics of constant pressure and selecting the ball (pressure) can easily organize a rapid transition to the attack (counterattack) with an effective goal after pass (assist) from the passer (playmaker) to his scorer. In such matches, gifted strikers score two (double), three (hat trick) or four (caret) goals. 

Only elite players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messy can return the hope of victory (comeback). They more than once upset the goalkeeper (mousetrap) and brought their team five (pentad trick) goals scored. Many eminent footballers look like extras (not exerting proper pressure) against the background of such effectiveness. With attacking open football, midfielders (midfielders) constantly produce awnings (load) of their forwards in order to create an assist moment. Often, such passes lead to an offside situation (offside). It is the Littman who raises (lights) the flag and makes it clear to the referee that a violation of the rules was committed. The situation of the offside and its variations (artificial offside, passive offside) occurs when the attacking player at the time of the pass is closer to the goal line than the ball and the penultimate player of the opponent. As a punishment should be a free kick. Still have questions about the offside rule? Then our article about the rules in football will help you figure it out.

Decoding popular shots on goal

 It is a great honor for any goalkeeper to play a match without goals conceded (cracker), especially in a tough fight, where the keeper constantly works and reflects what seemed to be 100% flying balls on target (save). The scorers in modern football have a great technical diversity, which makes it difficult for the goalkeeper to make the right decision. The participation of international athletes who do not have the citizenship of this country (legionnaire) increases competition and increases entertainment. 

The Last Word

Defenders often have to move the ball away from their goal in order to defuse the situation. Professionals attacking in the goal area are very dangerous and can aggravate the game with an unexpected cross strike (ribbon), lightning-fast power strike with a toe (bang), a gentle technical stroke on a technique with the inside of the foot (cheek) or a stunning beauty strike through oneself (scissors, billet) . The latter is always appreciated among fans and very often causes a wave when alternately standing spectators shout and raise their hands.