The Essential Steps in Online Shopping

Why go out, face the cold and snow, line up or worse, do several stores because what you are looking for is not in stock. We now know that it can be much easier to shop online! It’s now easier than ever, and almost as safe as shopping in stores. Here are some tips for shopping more relaxed. For online shopping this is important.

Online, counterfeiting is a problem

Memory cards, headphones, clothes. There are sometimes branded products at great prices on sites like Amazon, eBay and Walmart. But we must be wary, we can find counterfeit products, vulgar copies.

An article in Business Insider gives tips to spot counterfeits:

  1. Know who sells the product
  2. If the item does not come from the site, check who is the seller

It should not be forgotten that sites like Amazon are just portals; any merchant can offer counterfeit merchandise. “Delivered and sold by Amazon” products have the best chance of being true. If a seller on Amazon has no other web presence, it’s suspicious.


  • Spot false reviews


It’s easy to buy fake (good) reviews. The site can help you identify questionable reviews those that are too similar or all published in the same interval.


  • Check the delivery logistics


If the product is delivered from a warehouse, it can be a bad sign.


  • Look carefully at the pictures of the products


With Google’s image search, we can check if the photos are stolen from the real seller’s site. Some hacker sites do not hesitate to copy the site of the original company.


  • Beware of extraordinary bargains


If a price is too good, it may be fraud.


  • Check if the packaging is suspect


Some counterfeits are obvious: the manual and the packaging are full of errors. Others are so good that even the resellers get caught! It is sometimes when there is a problem that the product breaks and we seek to have it repaired that the consumer realizes it. In doubt, we will deal with the official website of the company. Quit to pay a little more.

Track your parcels

But it should not be that his package arrives after the holidays. We will check the delivery times. It’s worth ordering sooner than later and if necessary, pay for the faster delivery option.

When ordering, you will usually be sent an email tracking number to find out where your purchase is. If we activate notifications by email, we will receive a message in case of late delivery, but especially when the package will be in the truck to be delivered: it is time to wait at home.

Wish and company

Sites and apps like Wish offer irresistibly priced items. We can do good business. But also receive poor quality items or products that do not match what we bought.