The Foresight GC3 could be the future for golfers who yearn for it.Let’s say that accuracy has been a major issue for the Personal Launch Monitors space. Golfers’ average purchase price may have risen past $500 with the arrival of the Foresight GC3. Find more information about gc3 launch monitor here on this website.


The GC3 costs $7,000, which may not be affordable to most golfers, but it provides not only data unlikely other personal launch monitors. Foresight delivers a lot of data sources with the GC3, comprising the essential data that the consumers want.

Most of these indicators aren’t accessible in personal launch monitors priced within $2000. It’s also worth mentioning that now the GC3 includes a Barometric Sensor.


Going by the first look of the equipment, it is lighter compared to weight and compact in size. It also provides a touch screen with cameras attached to it. Setting up the device is quite simple, switch it on and place it on a plain surface, aim and strike!

The device is safe to use outdoors. It can connect to a tablet or a computer. If fortunate you can use it indoors with a room set up to play golf. The software can be downloaded easily.


The GCQuad is a photometric-based launch device, reviews say that the GC3 doesn’t provide face-angle, impact location, or closure rates. It also does not track putter data. That may disappoint a few of those, but honestly, the only stats which is a greater use are face angle and perhaps Loft/Lie. The other parameters aren’t as important and can be calculated in another method. Furthermore, for $7,000, you receive an enormous amount of data. It takes you a long way toward the $18,000 GCQuad.

Both monitors use similar flight calculations and record valid data. Despite the difficulties of testing different devices simultaneously, the ball was nearer than we’ve observed through the personal launch monitor we’ve put to test far. 


The GC3 is simply disregarded by the two personal launch monitors. Although the less costly units perform significantly well in a few categories, a 7.64% average carry differential can equate to a greater club length. And it isn’t always 7.64%. Occasionally it’s lesser sometimes it’s a bit more. So I’m not sure I’d trust the data to transmit to the course.

To be straight to the point, this device is a game breaker except you need some additional measures (ready to invest $11,000 to obtain it). Nothing in the statistics, graphics, or pleasure level has unimpressed me. The pricing is the main drawback of the GC3.

If Foresight priced it in the Sky Trak range, there would be a lot more GC3s in basements and yards. 


If you are a well-committed golfer who wants precision and accuracy in data you can go for it. The Foresight GC3 and the Bushnell Launch Pro are both identical devices that will deliver similar readings with comparable precision.