The Ultimate Game Room

Tired of drab game nights? Eyeing that extra space in your house? Stop the waiting — it’s time to create your ultimate game room. Check out these three easy steps to turn an abandoned area into a gathering and entertaining zone.


Game rooms don’t have to be elaborate or massive. Start by examining your home, apartment, or living space. Perhaps the spare bedroom is in need of a transformation, or maybe your basement man cave needs some love. If you don’t have a total room to dedicate to a game room, think smaller by pinpointing nooks, small spaces, or cozy corners in your family room or common space.

Game On!

Once you’ve picked your entertainment spot, start to think about the types of games and group gatherings you want to happen. If you’re a sports buff, consider installing a larger TV to host watch parties with friends. For those who enjoy more traditional games, add a pool table and pool room accessories Hayward CA.

Your entertaining space can also lend itself to gaming like charades and other family-friendly classics. If you love movies or history, consider stocking up on movie or trivia cards. These small cards are perfect for mini game rooms or corner nooks. Also consider storing small video game consoles and controllers into decorative storage bins to keep teenage guests engaged.

Time To Entertain

Now that your entertaining space is loaded with fun, prepare to break in the room with a small group of friends or neighbors. Make sure you have ample seating and snacks. If you’re tight on spending, consider moving plush chairs and coffee tables from other areas of your house to the game space for the event. Simply move the furniture pieces back once you are done. This allows for savings and easy cleanup at the end of the night. Happy gaming!