The unsurpassed ways of cleaning your bumper pool table

Every one of you who is having a bumper pool table somehow worried about its maintenance. Regardless of the size, this table is exceptionally delicate and required to be clean frequently. Here, we are discussing some unique ways to make your table look brand new for long years.

  • Always treat your table nicely

Mind that your pool table is not at all a coffee or kitchen table. So, it would help if you treated it likewise, and it is suggested to have no drinks around it. The moisture from any drink is able to stain the wood. Secondly, smoking should also not be allowed around the bumper table as pieces of ashes can damage the pool table’s cloth.

  • Cleaning the table in case of stain and spill

Spilling by accident can happen on the pool table. If it happens, then one should clean the mess as soon as possible. For this, you can use a clean cloth or napkins that soak the liquid. One thing that should be taken care of that never rubs the surface back and forth. Rubbing can result in stretching the affected area. If there is a presence of stubborn stains, use a mixture of dish soap and white vinegar that can be affected in such conditions.

  • Ways of cleaning a bumper pool table felt

In dirty and dusty felt it is difficult to play the game and also prevent the cue ball from rolling down in the right manner. Vacuuming is considered to be the fastest way of cleaning cue chalk dust and other debris away from a bumper pool table. The suction power of a vacuum can warp the felt. Therefore, it is suggested to keep the vacuum to the lowest possible section setting. Another option is the use of pool brushes that are specifically designed using light and soft bristles. It is known to be an affordable choice and easily reach the corners for removing the dirt.

These are very innovative and quick methods of cleaning your bumper pool table without causing any harm. Visit if you are planning to buy a quality bumper pool table.