Things to Shop before starting your Skateboarding Activity

Well, you just got your first skateboard, and you can’t wait to hit it on the road. Things might be very exciting for you at this time. However, it would help if you did not go skateboarding right away. There are some things that you need to get before starting your skateboarding activity.

Everything you must have before you start Skateboarding

By shopping for a few things apart from your skateboard, you can say you are ready for your skateboarding activity. So, here are the things that you need to shop for before starting your skateboarding activity.

Body Protection

Regardless of if you are a pro at Skateboarding or a newbie, one thing that matters the most is the protection. Skateboarding is usually done in skateboarding parks, where the floor is kept rough on purpose to provide a better grip. While this grip is beneficial for skateboard and skateboarding shoes, it is not very beneficial for your body.

If you have some speed and fall on the ground, then your skin can rub against the ground, which will get you injured. So, here are some things that you must have:

  • Helmet
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads

The right type of clothing

So, the next thing that you will need is the right type of clothing. You cannot go Skateboarding wearing your pajamas or some tight jeans pants. The clothes are meant to be comfortable and stretchable enough for better body movement. When selecting your skateboarding clothes, you need to ensure that you are not getting something that will get you in trouble.

The best type of skateboarding clothes that you can get are shorts with a t-shirt. However, make sure to wear sunblock on sunny days.

Skateboarding shoes

Now that you are done selecting the skateboarding clothes, it is important to get the right type of shoes. Going Skateboarding in your slippers or some sandals will not be a pious choice. What you need from your skateboarding shoes is to have a good grip both on the ground, on the skateboard, and on the feet as well.

Now that you are selecting your skateboarding shoes getting something like Vans shoes might be a perfect choice.

Grip tape

You are done buying your skateboarding clothes and your Vans shoes, and you think you are ready to go. Well, the Grip tape is still missing. It is a tape applied on the upper surface of the skateboard to provide better grip because of the sandpaper-like texture.

Skateboard hardware and accessories

As you are keeping yourself safe and good with the help of Vans shoes and skateboarding clothes, you need to make sure that your skateboard is good all the time as well. So, you may need some accessories and hardware like bearings, screwdrivers, and other skateboard tools.


Some people think that just getting skateboarding shoes is enough. However, Vans shoes alone are no way near being enough for the skateboarding activity. When you start, you need to make sure that you have all of the stuff mentioned above along with your Vans Shoes for Skateboarding.