Types of Girl Gamers You Could Play With

Girl gamers for some reason are known to be rarer than Enchanted Golden Apples in Minecraft but that’s far from the truth, especially in this day and age. You could find girl gamers in almost every online video game out there unless it’s a game made specifically for guys, in which case good luck with that. The best place to find them is right here on GANK.

They’ve increased their numbers as the years went by, so much so that it is said they make up most of the total number of gamers in the world. Not only are girl gamers all over the gaming world today, there are many types of them you could play with as well. But let’s talk about the three most basic types.

Casual Girl Gamer

This girl gamer isn’t exactly that fond of games that cause extreme stress. If they played such games, they’d probably have a hard time either fighting the enemies or getting the hang of complex controls. Instead, they’d rather play games with simple mechanics and stress-free gameplay. Instead of sniping enemies down with assault rifles and no-scoping them, they go and build multiple beautiful worlds in Minecraft and effective farms on Stardew Valley. Even if they play competitive games, they don’t really care about winning or losing, as long as they have fun. They’re the best ones to play with when you’re just looking for someone to go on an adventure with and have a good time. 

Hardcore Girl Gamer

They’re the type of gamers who strive for the competition. They could go the distance against those considered to be the best of the best. Even if they’re not as good as the others, they still aim for the victory and they’re willing to jump every hurdle for it. They commonly play games that are meant for competition such as DOTA and Valorant. 

They could also play some casual games as well but they may not find the type of enjoyment they look for in games which they find in competitive games. Instead of starting a steady farm on Story of Seasons or fight zombies with plants, they prefer to go head to head with the challenge. No matter how toxic the teammates or the enemies are, they are able to hang with the toxicity. If you’re looking to increase your rank, beat a boss, or complete a mission, they’re the type of girl gamers you would want to pay with. 

Mix of the Two

This type of girl gamer could go with any situation. They could play any game. They could have fun and still be as competitive as others at the same time. They’re not as stiff as hardcore gamers and not as laid back as casual gamers. It’s like they’re the Goldilocks Zone in terms of gamers. You could enjoy building up farms and cooking virtual food with them and if you want to switch it up and be a little bit more competitive, you know, maybe some Call of Duty, Rocket League, etc., you can freely do that with them. 

They focus on the objective but still manage to have fun even if things don’t go the way they plan them out. If you’re looking for someone who you could play a wide variety of games for hours on end, they are the perfect girl gamers for you. 

Here on GANK, it’s easy to find your preferred type of girl gamer to play with and you may even end up becoming friends with them if they enjoy your company.