What is ATP Ranking in Tennis?

The ATP rankings are one of the most important things that you should consider when you are thinking about betting on tennis. It is the method that is used by the Association of Tennis Professionals to decide as well as determine the qualification of the entry of the various players in all the tournaments either single or double. Other factors require your attention when you are thinking about tennis predictions & h2h stats

Keep in mind that you must understand that every tennis player has their own sets of skills that they use, which makes them unique in their way and how they play. There could be both weaknesses and strength for every player, and for that, you must keep in mind that, you have to be extra careful when you are placing a bet against a high amount, you should be confident about the player or the players. 

The object of the ATP rankings is both merit-based and objective when giving out result. It is purely done on the skills that the players have shown through their playing career. The first rankings of the players for single were published long way back on 23rd August 1973, and the list of the doubles was published on 1st March 1976.

With tennis predictions and h2h stats, ranking points are awarded according to the stage of the tournament that the players have reached and also the prestige of the tournament is kept in mind. The rankings are always updated every Monday, and the points are removed usually after 52 weeks before which they have been awarded. 


The Method of Giving ATP Ranking 

The method that is used for atp rankings has been changed several times since the day it has been first published. You have to follow the ATP ranking when you are betting to be surer of your choices. 

If the main draw is observed to be larger than 56, then the qualifying points are changed to 12 only according to ATP 1000 series. According to the ATP 500 series, if the observers notice that the main point is larger than 36, and then the qualifying point changes to 10 only. With tennis predictions and h2h stats, you would be getting the weekly updates and make bets accordingly on the various markets that are there.

In addition to the qualifiers as well as the main draw entry, the players would be receiving points depending on the rounds that they have reached. But with time, no more points are awarded for Davis Cup ties neither the Summer Olympics.