How To Earn Money Playing Fantasy Football

If you enjoy watching football but prefer to do more than just sit in your recliner and watch it on television, you’ll love fantasy football. It’s a great hobby you can play with friends. Some people are raising the stakes and earning money playing the game. By joining leagues, you can win prizes if you win or place.

According to Bill Asher (Vivid), playing fantasy football is a great way to make part-time money at the very least. As you gain skills, you can even make a full-time income. Here’s how you can make money playing fantasy football.

Start Small and Join a League

By joining a league, you can practice the game and earn modest prizes. There’s a lot of money involved in fantasy football. However, making a full-time living at the game involves hours of practice and plenty of research. You can start out small, however, and work your way up. Enter into cash games with other players. If your team wins, you split the amount with your other teammates.

Just be sure to find out about all fees before joining a league. Also, make certain you know the players you want as well as locate backup players before joining.

Make Sure It’s Legal

While making money playing fantasy football is legal under federal law, it might not be allowed in every state, especially if there’s an entry fee and the wager involves more chance than skill. A general rule of thumb is that if it seems to be gambling, it might not be legal in the state where you live. If it looks like you’re running a private fantasy football contest in your home, that also could be construed as recreational gambling. Check the gambling laws in your state to be sure.

Do Your Homework

To be successful in playing fantasy football, you need to spend a lot of time studying the different players. Read football statistics and make sure you know all the positions each teammate can play. Learning the ropes of fantasy football is a bit like betting on horses. You have to know how each team member is doing that season along with all strengths and weaknesses. You have to keep a tab on them, knowing the injuries they’ve had in the past. A bum knee can be detrimental, so know your players well.

Realize That Luck Plays a Factor

You may have done all the needed research and picked the best players for your fantasy team. Then one of your key players has an off game and you lose. Keep in mind that luck also plays a factor in whether you can make money at the game.

Think About Becoming a League Manager

If you have great organizational skills, think about becoming a league manager. You charge an administrative fee. Everyone who joins your league pays you and you then organize the league. It’s one way to make money playing fantasy football.

Making money at fantasy football is possible with plenty of research and a little bit of good fortune.