If You Haven’t Tried It Yet, Give Indoor Volleyball A Shot!


When you think of volleyball you will be forgiven if the image that pops into mind is an azure sea and burning sand on which scantily clad young people jump and hit the ball over the net. However, indoor volleyball is just as fun, if not more so, plus it’s something you can play any season of the year.

Indoor volleyball is much more of a team sport than beach volleyball. The court size for indoor volleyball is larger than it is in the case of beach volleyball, and the game is played with larger teams. The typical court size for indoor volleyball is 29 feet and 6 inches by 59 feet and the game is played with teams of six players on each side of the net. This means that much more teamwork is involved in playing indoor volleyball and the winning team is often not the one with the best individual players but the one that best communicates and coordinates and who is able to outmaneuver the opposing team.

Other major differences between outdoor and indoor volleyball are the type of equipment used, specifically the ball and uniforms. Balls for indoor volleyball are made from leather and they are larger than the ones used for outdoor volleyball. This results in increased ball weight and more care has to be taken when serving and hitting the ball so as to avoid injuries. Wrist and especially finger injuries, such and fractures, jammed or dislocated fingers, are unfortunately all too possible when playing indoor volleyball and it is essential players know proper prevention techniques prior to stepping onto the court.

The uniform worn in indoor volleyball is typically composed of a loose jersey shirt, some really short shorts, socks and light athletics shoes. The tight fitting spandex shorts might look funny, especially for a girl team, but bigger shorts made of a more loose-fitting material would be less practical. They would simply move too much during the play and the material might bunch up in uncomfortable ways. Another vital piece of equipment in indoor volleyball is the sneakers worn, which should have rubber soles that get a good grip on the wooden floor of the court.

The net height for indoor volleyball is 7 feet 11 inches and 5 eights for men, and 7 feet 4 inches and 1 eight for women. This is the same net height as in the case of outdoor or beach volleyball, but in practice the increased ball weight means that playing indoor volleyball could be more physically demanding. This is the regulation net height for adults, of course. For school, youth or junior indoor volleyball games the net height varies based on the age of the players.

So, if you and your friends have enjoyed playing beach or outdoor volleyball during the last vacation, consider giving indoor volleyball a shot. Odds are there is a court that can be used for indoor volleyball near you and it’s a great way both to exercise and improve teamwork. But, before starting you indoor volleyball game, make sure you know and understand the proper techniques to minimize the possibility of injuries to fingers and wrists. Be safe!