Evolution Of Cricket And Drastic Change In Watching Pattern

Modern Day cricket expects cricketers to play the game contrastingly. With the coming of T20 matches, things have changed radically. The game has seen changes in the manner in which players approach the game these days. Skippers have gotten more forceful and strategic in their methodology. Bowlers are dismantled usually, but their franticness has led […]


Is it Worth it To Earn Money Gaming

We all dream of getting paid for doing what we love instead of working 12 hours a day with a low salary while having to deal with insufferable co-workers. Gaming is a passion for many people including us here on GANK. Throughout the years, gaming has opened up so many opportunities for people who want […]


Types of Girl Gamers You Could Play With

Girl gamers for some reason are known to be rarer than Enchanted Golden Apples in Minecraft but that’s far from the truth, especially in this day and age. You could find girl gamers in almost every online video game out there unless it’s a game made specifically for guys, in which case good luck with […]


Surf Foil Pumping

To get the most out of foil surfing you’ve got to master the pumping technique. Using this method you’ll be able to get the most out of the foil and make sure that you can easily ride over the way it’s. The easiest way to evolve your technique with pumping is to look up some […]