How to start playing like a pro soccer player?

Soccer is a great sport that anyone can get involved in and have fun playing. However, to become an advanced soccer player, you have to start early and work hard. It is also advisable to know the correct score tips. You will have to work on your good form and learn to imitate the greats of football but, you will have to have enthusiasm for the sport. Practice is the only key to advanced soccer skills, but you will need to make sure you practice the right things.

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Improve your overall game

Gather your friends for a casual game or join a local club team for weekly matches. You will never improve if you don’t play soccer as often as possible. Test for the best teams in your area. Advanced players see someone, make a decision, and execute the pass, shot, or move in milliseconds. Don’t hold the ball for too long.  If you want to dribble, attack with rhythm. Let the ball do the work. If you lose or get beat, immediately turn around and try to get the ball back or get into position.

Learn to defend

No matter where you are on the field, the ability to get the ball back is essential for advanced players. Individual defense is one of the basic skills of soccer players along with passing and shooting and should not be neglected. To practice it, simply play against a friend, taking turns attacking and defending.

Use training to improve your weaknesses

Training is where you improve, not where you keep repeating the skills you’ve already mastered. You have to make mistakes in practice, test your opposite foot, play in a position you don’t normally play in, and come up with new combinations and passes with your teammates. The best players are not afraid of embarrassment in training because they want to embarrass the other team during the game.

Watch the pros play

A great way to learn is to watch someone who is more advanced than you. If you play in a specific position, you should focus on the player who plays in your position and take note of the things he does. Where are you when you don’t have the ball? How often do you move forward or backward in defense? What kind of passes are you looking for?

Learn to dribble with every part of your foot

Practice dribbling over a 30-yard area, varying your speed and the part of your foot you use to move the ball.  As you get better, increase your speed. Although this is not used directly in real football, better juggling will improve your “touch” and overall comfort with the ball. Raise your head when dribbling.  This requires very good foot skills, but you should start working on them as soon as possible. Bounce the ball between your legs as if you were quickly passing it from the inside of your right foot to the inside of your left foot. Perform toe taps by leaving the ball in front of you and alternating touching it on top with the bottom of your foot.